Project Info

Client Starbucks Downtown Disney
Skills CNC 3D routing, toolpath tiling

Project Description

Product Description  Architectural panels for Starbucks Disney City store display in Downtown Disney.
Capabilities Applied/Processes   CNC 3D routing, toolpath tiling
Overall Part Dimensions  5 Total Panels Combined

Material Thickness: 2 inches

Length: 43 feet
Height:  9 feet

Tightest Tolerances  +/- 1/16″
Material Used  2” 15 lbs. Duna HDU
Material Finish  Customer Finished
In process testing/inspection-performed    Panel alignment and matching
Estimated Part Weight  NA
Industry for Use  Interior Architectural Display/Signage
Volume  One set of 5 panels
Delivery Time  4 weeks
Standards Met  Customer supplied plaster panels for 3D scanning.
Product Name  Starbucks Disney City